We are still buzzing from the excitement of the OklaHomies Short Film Contest! There were so many creative films and stories, told by people from all over the state. We were curious to learn more about the directors behind the smartphones. We did a quick social-distance Q&A with Ryker Sixkiller, the fan-favorite winner in the shorts category. Learn about his inspiration for Out of Options, a short action film where the protagonist goes on a quest in the wild to find toilet paper. The short film was made by Ryker Sixkiller and Clarissa Sixkiller (Cherokee Nation), SasAfane Sierra Revis (Yuchi/Choctaw), and Bronnson Harjo (Muscogee Creek/Seminole). The fans voted for it, so we bet you’ll like it! 

CNFO: Where did your inspiration come from for your short film?

Ryker Sixkiller: “I love mixing action/adventure with comedy and thought it would be entertaining for everyone to go with the hero of the story on an adventure to find toilet paper. I also enjoy films that don’t go the happy ending route. So I thought it’d be even more entertaining to see the hero go through all of these obstacles to get and keep the toilet paper, and then at the very end, he loses it just by tripping over his own feet.”

What city/town in Oklahoma do you live in?

“Currently live in Bartlesville. I grew up in Wauhillau.”

What did you use to shoot and edit your film? 

“Iphone 11 and I used iMovie. All of the sound effects were made by me. For the punches, I hit my chest while using the ‘Voice Over’ tool in that app.”

Where did you shoot it and how long did the project take you?

“We shot in Bartlesville near the Johnstone Park and in Tulsa at Chandler Park.

I’m not sure exactly how long it took us to film. We didn’t have a call sheet, schedule or anything like that, and we had a blast making the film so we kind of didn’t pay attention to the time. But I’d guess, including choreographing the fight, filming took us approximately four and a half to five hours. Editing took me a while. Nothing was shot in order and the app on my iPhone doesn’t allow you to grab and drop multiple clips, so that is what took the longest on the editing side. But once everything was in order, I was able to complete a draft within a couple of hours. So if you include organizing the footage, it probably took me around four to four and a half hours.”

Do you currently work in the film industry and if so, what’s your role? 

“I am an actor and stuntman, represented by BK Talent Agency, and a film editor for Buffalo Nickel Creative. Bronnson is the project manager for Buffalo Nickel Creative, and SasAfane is a graphic designer for Buffalo Nickel Creative.

Thank you for setting up this film competition. We all had a blast and enjoyed everyone else’s work. Hope to see another one soon!”


The OklaHomies Short Film Contest is sponsored by the Oklahoma Film + Music Office and the Tulsa Office of Film, Music, Arts & Culture.

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A Note From One of Our Judges

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing film contest! We have some really awesome talent in OK!

Even though the contest is over, you can still tell your story and enjoy the fun of filmmaking while social distancing. All you need is a smartphone and a storyline. You could learn new skills and have fun doing it. Never made a film before? We’ve gathered helpful resources with tutorials to help you create your film. Read our tips on our app suggestions blog. 


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