Spotlight: Beyond Acting with Sokaogan Chippewa Actress, Jennifer Rader – “Book the Room, Not the Role”

March is Women’s History Month, when many commemorate and celebrate women who have played a vital role in history and are often overlooked. The Cherokee Nation Film Office is celebrating by highlighting Native American women [...]

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A Special Message from Jennifer Loren, Director of the Cherokee Nation Film Office

Osiyo (Hello in Cherokee) to all our fellow film enthusiasts, I and the Cherokee Nation Film Office team are thinking about you during this COVID-19 pandemic and hoping you and your families are staying safe [...]

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What We Learned from Rep. Jason Dunnington at Coffee & Conversation

If you have questions about new film legislation being proposed in Oklahoma, House Representative Jason Dunnington has answers. Rep. Dunnington sat down with a large crowd at Coffee & Conversation Friday, March 6, at Circle [...]

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Learn About Current Film Legislation and What It Means to Tulsa

Oklahoma House Representative Jason Dunnington The Cherokee Nation Film Office invites you to “Coffee and Conversation,” your chance to grab a coffee and learn about current film bills and the state of Oklahoma's [...]

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