March is Women’s History Month, when many celebrate women who have played a vital role in history and are often overlooked. We are celebrating by highlighting Native American women in the film and television industries who are paving the way for proper representation of Native Americans.

Blu Hunt, Photo: IMDB

We’re excited to see the successful X-Men franchise feature Blu Hunt, an Indigenous actress of Lakota ancestry, in the upcoming movie “The New Mutants.” Hunt will be playing Danielle Moonstar, a new Indigenous superhero character in the series.

In an interview with Empire, Hunt says it’s “an honor” to play the role. She goes on to say, “I’m not just in the background to please people. I’m carrying the movie.”

Hunt’s role is a critical step in the right direction for Native American representation in the film industry, as viewers will be able to see that Native American women can find success in front of the camera.

We’re excited to see it! Read more about the film and release date on Bustle and Empire.

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