December 14 – 15, 2020

The Native American Virtual Youth Animation Workshop is a two-day interactive and educational workshop for indigenous teens and youth. Hosted by the Barcid Foundation and sponsored by the Cherokee Nation Film Office, the workshop’s goal is to encourage Native American youth to explore careers in animated film, television and new media.

The Native American Virtual Youth Animation Workshop provides an online career-building experience creating rudimentary animation and exposure to animation employment opportunities.

The first day offers hands-on virtual curriculum working with basic 3-D animation programs and grasping the fundamentals of the most commonly used software in the industry. This gives each participant an opportunity to build characters, create elementary movement, and be inspired to continue with a 3-D animated project. This day also features development executives, currently working in the animation industry, who can speak about aspects of animated film and television through an online communication platform.

The second day is an educational virtual tour that exposes Native American youth to new vocational opportunities. This entails virtual tours of animation studios, including Nickelodeon, Aaron Sims Creative and 6 Point Harness. Participants explore animation careers and consider possibilities in the creative and executive departments. In addition, participants will have a behind the scenes virtual experience of the artistry, technology and creative development of animated television or feature film. This portion also entails learning about attending institutions of higher education with animation programs and the scholarships available. The workshop concludes with an online preview screening of an animated film or televisions series episode (based on availability). The Native American Virtual Youth Animation Workshop is a new endeavor of the Barcid Foundation.

The mission is to inspire the next generation of young Native American artists to explore careers in animated film and television. It is also designed to address the lack of Native American involvement in this expanding field.

What You’ll Need:
Access to a computer
Access to the internet

Who Is Eligible:
Native youth in grades 9th – 12th
Citizens of federally recognized tribes with identification

How To Apply:
Please download the application using the link below, fill out and send to before December 1, 2020.

Application_2nd Annual Native American Youth Virtual Animation Lab Application