Below are answers to some of our frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please reach out to us on our contact form and we’ll be happy to help!

The Cherokee Nation Film Office can post information about cast or crew you are looking to hire via, eBlast and social media if you can provide proof of funding for your project. Please fill out a project registration form to get started HERE.

The Cherokee Nation Film Office would love to feature your property to be considered for upcoming projects. Simply click here to add your locations or business to our directory. Any film production interested will contact you directly.

The Cherokee Nation Film Office does not fund projects but is working to incentivize filmmaking within the Cherokee Nation. Click HERE for a list of funding sources we have compiled for your convenience.

The Cherokee Nation Film Office works with anyone interested in bringing their projects to the Cherokee Nation. To get started, fill out our project registration form here.

For those looking to list themselves in our databases for crew and talent, the film office requires that you be Native American and able to furnish proof of tribal citizenship.

If you have questions about historical or cultural accuracy in your screenwriting, we can connect you with an appropriate expert or academic resource. To get started, fill out the project registration form.

If you’re trying to get your script optioned, you can add yourself as a screenwriter to our database here.

The Cherokee Nation is located in the northeastern corner of Oklahoma. Our tribal boundaries encompass 14 counties, which is more than 7,000 square miles of beautiful landscapes and diverse cities and towns.

The Cherokee Nation Film Office is based in Oklahoma. Our two offices are located in Tulsa and Tahlequah.

The Cherokee Nation Film Office has recently announced the Cherokee Nation Film Incentive. We begin accepting applications on March 1st, 2022. Find more information here.

The Cherokee Nation Film Incentive has a cap of 1 million per year and there are no project caps. Find more information here. 

The mission of the Cherokee Nation Film Office is to increase the presence of Native Americans in every level of the film and television industries while creating opportunities for economic development and jobs in the Cherokee Nation.

The Cherokee Nation Film Office invites film and television projects to experience all the Cherokee Nation has to offer. From unique locations in northeastern Oklahoma to talent and crew databases, our film office serves as a liaison for your project. Based in Tulsa, we have strong connections throughout the 14 counties of the Cherokee Nation to meet any film production needs.

Our Incentive Program launched March 1st, 2022. See our incentive page for more information here.

Signing up for our crew and talent directory is simple and secure! Just click here and you’ll be walked through the process. You can log in anytime and update your file.

The Cherokee Nation Film Office works to increase the presence of Native Americans in every level of the film and television industries. The film office does so by creating databases of Native crew and talent. We allow you to self-submit to these databases. We connect producers, directors and those looking to create films, but we do not do any casting. We often post casting calls on our site and social media channels, so be sure to subscribe to our email list and follow us everywhere. Click here to get started.

The Cherokee Nation Film Office is sponsoring workshops and educational series, throughout the year. These courses could include acting, screenwriting, camera operation, editing, and more! Class size is limited, so be sure to click here to get alerts when the next class is offered.

The first step is to register here to be a part of our database. Any production we work with will have access to this database and will reach out with interest. Most production companies prefer to communicate by email, so be prepared to send a resume with film and other related experience along with a cover letter of introduction to the production office. If you have no previous film experience, consider applying as a production assistant, as a catchall on-set or for an office position, which quite often do not require previous film experience.

The Cherokee Nation does not translate unsolicited manuscripts like books, plays, poems, screenplays, songs, etc. If content is culturally accurate, we can help connect you with contractors for your needs.

There are actually a variety of way to get started in the film industry from working on small local film productions to seeking out training at various local schools and colleges to training provided by industry groups including classes sponsored by the Cherokee Nation Film Office.

You can also register with local film offices to be listed in their resource directories. Check out our Scholarships and Training page for more information. Or, if you want to get experience in a crew role but don’t have any yet sign up here.