Wayne Garner

You may recognize him from season five of “Osiyo: Voices of the Cherokee People,” but that was just the beginning of Wayne Garner’s screen time. Born and raised in Indian Country, this Cherokee musician has traveled around the world to perform with his band. For Garner, being on the road started as a means to [...]

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Dan Warrior

Dan Warrior (Mvskoke, Absentee Shawnee and Rosebud Sioux) has a larger than life presence. Standing at a modest 6’10” his presence commands a room. Over the last year those rooms have become studios and film sets, and it wasn’t just his stature that made him stand out, but his passion for Native-created content. Dan runs [...]

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Industry Spotlight: Jennifer Podemski

Industry Spotlight: Jennifer Podemski is creating the representation she wishes to see in the world. Native and Indigenous people, specifically women, are the lowest represented demographic in the film and television industries, both in front of and behind the camera. It's not a new concept, but it still stings. According to a 2019 report [...]

Industry Spotlight: Cherokee Nation citizen plants the seed for future generations of Native American actors

“Good Will Hunting” is the film that started it all for Cherokee Nation citizen Brooks Ryan Pollard at just 12 years old. He didn’t know how or when he was going to start acting, but he knew in that moment that his place in film was in front of the camera. Instead of waiting for [...]

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Industry Spotlight: “You can start right now from wherever you are” – rising Cherokee Nation filmmaker talks about building your career from the ground up

JohnTom Knight while interning for Adult Swim. As an avid fan of animation, aspiring staff writer and film enthusiast, Cherokee Nation citizen JohnTom Knight is learning what it takes to get to the next level of the film and TV industry with practice, learning from his peers and putting his skills to the [...]

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Industry Spotlight: Behind the Lens With a Choctaw Nation Filmmaker and How the Phone in Your Hand Can Help You Achieve Major Success Too

Tvli Jacob Everyone has a story to tell and everyone has access to a camera, whether that’s on your smartphone, an old camcorder or a handycam. The ability to make a film is literally in the palm of your hands. Choctaw Nation citizen Tvli Jacob learned that early on. It’s brought him critical [...]

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Industry Spotlight: Success in Front of and Behind the Camera. How Indigenous Filmmaker MorningStar Angeline Found Her Passion and Landed Big Roles.

MorningStar Angeline is a jack-of-all-trades. When it comes to film and TV, this Indigenous woman does it all.  Behind the scenes on set of “Yá’át’ééh Abiní” You may recognize Angeline from her roles in Paramount's “Yellowstone,” Netflix's “Chambers,” or HBO's “This Much I Know Is True.” While she has enjoyed success in front [...]

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Industry Spotlight: “Stop Waiting and Start Doing.”  A Cherokee Nation Citizen Propelling Storytelling Into Film 

Cherokee Nation citizen Emma Barrow grew up in Portland, Oregon, watching her father, Bruce Barrow, working in the film industry. Her father was an editor, producer and director for Oregon Public Broadcasting and PBS. He planted a seed in Emma that filmmaking was a career she could pursue, and she took action. "Cover Me" [...]

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Industry Spotlight: From the Copy Room to Showtime TV Network, One Cherokee Nation Citizen’s Film Success Story

Cherokee Nation citizen Tim Nagasawa Cherokee Nation citizen Tim Nagasawa grew up touring Universal Studios every summer as a kid, riding the tram and marveling at the atmosphere of the giant soundstages. He never once imagined one day he would be working on that very lot, but he is. Nagasawa now has credits that [...]

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Industry Spotlight: A Journey Into Filmmaking From the Cherokee Nation

Dylan Brodie grew up inside the Cherokee Nation. To be specific, he calls Ramona, Oklahoma, home. It’s a charming town in Adair County with a population of 500, give or take a few.

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